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Cindi Bannink has been coaching triathlon for over 10 years, and she has been a student of endurance sports for 25 years. Endurance performance is a journey, a passion and a science experiment. Throughout her career of coaching she has helped turn a novice triathlete into an Olympian, helped several athletes progress into the professional ranks, and led amateur athletes to their goal of competing at the world championships.


Each of us is a unique individual with different goals, gifts and physiology. That's why Bannink Endurance Coaching only offers individualized one-on-one coaching for elites, amateurs and juniors. Cindi is especially gifted in helping chart the course from amateur to professional and from weekend warrior to world championship qualifiers. She helps athletes find balance with training, work, and family to best maximize training time and athletic potential.


Athletes from around the globe, with the help of Bannink Endurance Coaching, have achieved exceptional results. You've made your first step towards accomplishing your own exceptional results by landing here at BEC. Through your hard work and Cindi's guidance, those dreams can become achievements. Take the next step toward realizing your dreams, like so many others have already done, and call or email Bannink Endurance Coaching.