Cindi works with a broad range of athletes, from newbies to Olympians, together achieving goals and personal best performances. Read below for testimonies of how Cindi has helped her athletes achieve things that they didn't even know were possible.



2012 US Olympian

"Cindi Bannink was my first triathlon coach.  She took me from a non-triathlete, CPA, tax-accountant to the London Olympics for Triathlon within my first 3 years in the sport.  I enjoyed working with Cindi because she understood my needs not only as an athlete, but as a person.  Cindi worked with me and my schedule to adapt a program that allowed me to make the transition from an accounting career to a triathlon career.  I would not be where I am today without her guidance and compassion at the start of my triathlon journey."

Robin Pomeroy Age group world champion, 1st year professional

Robin Pomeroy
Age group world champion, 1st year professional

Cindi came highly recommended to me. I was searching for a triathlon coach who would take me to the next level of racing. I did not know how lucky I was to have Cindi until the season started to unfold. Even though I lived in California and she was in Wisconsin, Cindi didn’t allow the distance to get in the way of her coaching or her involvement in my training. She has been amazing at reading between the lines and fully understanding me as a whole athlete/person. She adapted my training schedule constantly based on personal and work demands, and how I was responding. I have suffered several running injuries in the past, but Cindi successfully guided me through an injury-free season. I achieved results that I would not have without her help, and I attribute my success in large part to her amazing coaching.

My race season and goals were planned out from the beginning, but I had several disruptions in my life schedule as the months progressed. Cindi was able to work around everything and adjust my training to maximize my racing success. She maintained a positive attitude and continued to instill motivation and confidence in me to deliver what she believed I was capable of. And I performed where it counted, placing 2nd overall at the AG World Championship and 1st in the 25-29 AG. I look forward to more years of training under Cindi, especially with my first years of racing professionally.

NICK ANDERSON Ironman Wisconsin Finisher

Ironman Wisconsin Finisher

"I knew Cindi was an outstanding coach from the beginning. At our first meeting, Cindi did not focus on delivering me some sales pitch, but rather she was genuinely interested in getting to know who I was as an athlete AND individual. She created a no-pressure environment and insisted how important it was that I chose the coach that was right for me. Cindi's "quality over quantity" coaching philosophy combined with her good sense of humor and calming demeanor made it easy to choose Cindi as the coach for my Ironman journey.

As a medical student, I was concerned about fitting Ironman training into my busy schedule. Cindi's individualized coaching approach allowed me to optimize my training for however busy my weeks became. Cindi provided a wide variety of challenging and dynamic workouts, which made three, four and five hour sessions engaging as well as rewarding. Her ability to adapt her coaching around injuries and whatever was going on in my personal life always helped me get to the starting line, and the results I achieved were well beyond what I thought I could ever accomplish. Cindi's dedication to my success has not only made me an Ironman, but it has made me a part of the triathlon community for life."

MIKE TOUTANT Top Age Grouper - Kona Hopeful

Top Age Grouper - Kona Hopeful

“I have been lucky enough to work with Cindi Bannink since the start of 2012 after completing my first IM.  I realized that in order to take the next step forward in the my training and racing, I needed an expert to help guide me along the way.  I had high hopes for a coach, and was nervous to take that step, but have never looked back since signing on with Cindi.  From our first conversation it was clear that Cindi truly cares for her athletes, and understands the demands of life that can sometimes interfere with triathlon training.  She has always worked around my schedule, but also holds me accountable to not make excuses and get the work in.  My results since working with Cindi have truly been better than I could have ever imagined.  In the first two years together, I went from a 5:14 half IM PR to breaking 4:40 this past summer!  It’s safe to say that my triathlon journey continues to be as great as it is in large part to Cindi."

ANDREW NIELSEN 1st Year Professional 

1st Year Professional 

"Cindi has been my coach for the past two seasons. In that time I have transitioned from a college athlete to an elite triathlete. I came into the sport with a strong swim background and with Cindi's coaching I have advanced my run and bike enough to be competitive at the international level. Cindi has been there for me every step of the journey and the learning curve is amazing! Cindi cares about her athletes, sets goals for her athletes, and does everything she can to set her athletes up for success. Seeing where I have come in two years makes me very excited for next season and beyond. I'm glad Cindi will be there every step of the way!"



At A Glance

Athletes Coached- hundreds & counting
Age range– 10-65
Best Result– London Olympian, Age Group World Champion, Age Group National and World Championship Qualifiers, IronKids Nationals Qualifiers
Years Coaching –  10


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